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Binary options trading advantages and guidelines

Binary option s trading offers many advantages over standard vanilla options which is why investors are increasing their binary options trading activity. Here are a few advantages of binary options trading with OptionRally

1. Risk controlling

An investor is well aware of the funds he puts at stake with each transaction he performs. The exact amount of potential loss in binary options trading is written and confirmed before each transaction. Therefore, an investor is able to control his risk and not find himself losing more than he initially thought he would in case the option expires out of the money.

2. Revenues increase

An investor is buying an option rather than the asset itself. This allows investors to actually increase their potential revenues by determining only the direction in which an asset is moving. Let's take an example in which an investor believes the upcoming oil price change is about to increase and wishes to invest 1,000$ in buying oil for 90$. If the oil price were to go up by 10% he would earn 100$ which is a nice return on his money. If on the other hand in the same scenario the investor had invested 1,000$ in binary options trading and bought a CALL option, he would have earned 70% which is 700$! That means 7 times higher than buying the oil without binary options trading.

3. Instant earnings

In addition to the increase of potential revenues and risk control, binary options trading allows you to act instantly. If you just heard a breaking news story that is going to affect a certain asset, you can immediately buy a binary option and in just a few minutes earn 70% on the money you just invested.

4. Exciting and profitable to use

As binary options trading is derived from the word binary it is very simple and easy to use our platform. You don't have to read and analyze complicated financial reports but rather understand the general direction of the market and the asset you choose to trade. This will assist you in getting a feel of the market at a single click without having uncontrolled expenses.

5. User friendly and flexible trading platform

OptionRally™'s advanced binary options trading platform is powerful yet intuitive and easy to use.  From the comfort of your home you can trade like a professional knowing that your trades will be executed with speed and precision. 

In addition, a full set of technical trading tools and market data is available right at your fingertips.  Consequently, you can use our web based platform anywhere on the planet to access your account and trade binary options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
6. Mobility

We at OptionRally™ understand that in today's world you want to be connected all the time. This is exactly the reason why we developed the most advanced binary optio  ns mobile trading platform so you can trade directly from your mobile device wherever you are. If you are waiting for the train, heard a breaking story or just want to stay connected you can easily open the mobile trading platform and trade binary options.

With all those advantages its the time to, open a trading account now !

In addition, OptionRally™ offers a binary options trading
experience with many advantages:

  • Instant trading as our platform is purely web based and does not require wasting any time on downloading and installing software on your computer.
  • What you see is what you get. No commission fees, no middle man just the option as described in the trading page.
  • Live Chat assistance in case you have any questions we are always more than willing to assist with any question that may arise.
  • A wide variety of assets including Indices, Stocks, Currencies and Commodities. We have over 60 assets that are traded all around the globe for your convenience.
  • Withdraws are handled in a quick and professional manner to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Security is above all for us. We at OptionRally™ understand how important is the security of our clients and use the most advanced security measures to guarantee your safety.
  • We encourage investors to view the recent expiries of the options in our past expiries page in order to acknowledge the options expiry rates.
  • We allow USD and EURO deposits using many convenient payment methods.
  • You can always view your portfolio; past, present or future just click on the my portfolio link to enter your portfolio of binary options trading.

Binary options tradin g is the perfect way to trade in the market. It is very intuitive, does not require any downloads and has the benefits of being exciting and profitable. Binary options provide the thrill of quick returns combined with conventional trading wisdom.


It's clear now ! It's time to open a trading account  with optionrally and start making profits !


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