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Binary Options Fast trading platform

Once you have registered and opened an account with OptionRally, you will then have automatic access to a special feature that will fast-track your binary options trading experience irrespective of your level of knowledge and skills. Basically, our experts at OptionRally present you with their current assessment of the hottest available underlying assets for binary options. Their selections are based on those binary options that offer you the opportunities for optimized profits with minimum risk exposure.

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This information is presented using the format as shown in the following diagram:

Binary options fast trading platform
As you can confirm by studying the above diagram, you have a wide choice for hot binary options including an excellent selection of underlying assets types such as commodities (wheat and oil), Indexes (NASDAQ and NASDAQ Futures), Stocks (Apple) and Forex (AUDUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD and USDYEN). The following other important information is also displayed as shown below:

Binary options fast trading platform
You will notice that the current price of the EUR/ JPY is 97.328 and is currently being displayed using the color green. This means that the price of the underlying asset has been recently trending to the upside and, as such, is a recommendation that you should consider opening a ‘call’ binary option.
In contrast, you can confirm that the price of the USD/JPY, which is 76.727, is displayed using the color red. This is an indication that the price of this asset has been recently trending downwards and a recommendation that you should now activate a ‘put’ binary option using the USD/JPY currency pair as the underlying asset.
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You should also pay attention to the time left before both binary options expire. In the above diagram, this event will occur in 3 minutes 18 seconds which means you have until then to open a binary option.

So all you need to do to use the Fast Trader is to select your preferred asset and then either open a ‘call’ or ‘put’ binary option depending on the price color. You will need to perform this action before the expiry time displayed at the bottom of each hot tip expires.

This exciting facility presented exclusively by OptionRally provides you with a safe method of activating binary options with good profit potential with minimum risk which you can use even if you are a complete novice to binary options trading. The only decision that you need to make yourself is to determine the size of your deposit.
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Basically, as an OptionRally member you can take full advantage of our experts’ analysis by using the Fast Trader feature. You will need to monitor our Fast Trader facility on a regular in order to take advantage of all its updates displaying the OptionRally experts’ latest hot tips.
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