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OptionRally Trading Platform Skills


Platform Skills

There are countless online trading platforms available nowadays. But we honestly believe that ours are not only the fastest but also the most advanced and professional you’ll find anywhere. And that is not just an idle claim - we genuinely invest a great deal of time and energy into making sure our platforms are permanently ahead of the rest.

We offer you a choice of five different platforms, each offering different features and advantages. Take a look through the options and see which one suits you best.

Trading quotations and rates on all our platforms are provided by Thomson Reuters.

Binary Options

Our Binary Options Platform may be the wisest choice for an entry level trading platform, although it offers a level of robustness, performance, breadth and flexibility that will suit even a highly experienced online trader.

The platform enables you to select from an excellent range of assets, viewed instantly on a dropdown menu, with expiry times spaced exactly 15 minutes apart.

Once you’ve decided to make a trade and committed to it, the platform logs it, monitors it continually and finally exits automatically at the appointed time - you don’t even need to be logged in. And here’s another fully automated feature: with every trade you make, you’re sent an email notification which gives you its closing status.

Any time you like, you can check the current status of your trades, either on the LiveTrader™ page or your account portfolio page, knowing that the information you see will always be right up to the minute.

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Long Term

In recent times, we’ve noticed a definite shift in many online traders’ preferences, away from binary options and more towards trades with longer expirations.

of course, binary options always have the attraction of short terms, low risks and worthwhile rewards. But longer term options allow traders to make more use - and profit - from their own personal market appraisals and evaluations.

If you have a hunch, for instance, about the future prospects of a particular company or a country’s projected growth figures, you can use this platform to make long term binary trades that will help you take advantage of your insights.

When your hunches prove correct and translate into trades that expire as you predicted, it’s not just gratifying. It can also bring some welcome extra boosts to your balance.

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Short Term

As its name clearly implies, our Short Term platform offers you the instantaneous trades. In fact we’re confident that this is the fastest trading facility you’ll find anywhere online.

It means that if you spot a sudden market movement with the value of an asset clearly moving in one direction, you can optimize its profitability by conducting a number of successive trades in short order.

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One Touch Platform

“Unique” is a word that is perhaps used too often and not always accurately. But our One Touch platform truly fulfills the definition, as it is the only one to offer you a payout as high as 500% on every trade.

It comes with predefined rates needed to win the trade, which is infinitely more sophisticated than a platform where you simply predict whether the value of an asset will increase or decrease.

So how does One Touch work? It purchases options at the weekend when the markets are closed, then trades them through the following week. If your chosen asset meets or exceeds its target by 17.00 GMT on Monday, you receive a payout of up to 500%.

If it doesn’t hit the target, the trade continues through to Friday, checking each day to see if you have reached the rate you need. So you have five days and five chances to bring home a winner.

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OK, so you’ve mastered trading on all our mini-platforms. You’ve made profits from successful trades across all four of our asset classes, and now you’re in the market for a new challenge. This is the moment when Pairs is the platform for you.

Pairs enables you to set two individual assets in competition with each other and forecast their performance. Thanks to the platform’s vast breadth of choice, you can choose to pair commodities, stocks or even market indices.

For a well informed binary trader, it opens up a whole new world of very rewarding possibilities.

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