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Critical Resources For Trading Online


Market Research

Our market research suite of tools can help you assess your investment strategy and achieve your financial goals.

We are working around the clock to source and create tools and services which will allow you access to the most updated market data and will assist you in making well informed and calculated trading decisions.
  • Market Premium Research

    Together with Investors Research Institute a division of the Investors Trading Academy, OptionRally traders are offered a wide variety of market data and information. OptionRally also offers our premium traders memberships and subscriptions to some of the most sought after market investment research and publications.

  • Analytical Charts and Graphs

    Through our partnership with Investors Trading Academy, OptionRally offers our traders the most advanced dynamic real time charts available in the financial world. Now you can customize and store your personal data. Our charting service is another service provided to our traders to help you be the best trader you can be.

  • Financial News TV From ITA 

    Watch our daily financial news and events covering each week’s economic data and events along with in-depth reports on major market events. Each day the ITA news service offers an explanation of a popular term in the financial markets.

  • Economic Calendar

    Investors Research Institute provides OptionRally traders the most extensive economic calendar in the market place, with added features such as multiple filter systems, alerts, and private index data. Our calendars have the fastest data feeds available so you get the results within seconds of the official release.

  • Expiry Rates

    Here you will find a list of all the recent expiry rates from OptionRally’s trading platform. You can search the list by date or asset for your strategies evaluating and future trades considering.

  • Market Review

    Each day our traders provide an up-to-the-minute market review and newsletter crafted by the news team at ITA. Our newsletter is sent directly to all of our traders free of charge so that you can make educated informed trading decisions.

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